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2013 Logan's Heart & Smiles Rebranding Campaign


​​Created three moodboard with descripted words of volunteerism, family/community, and compassion/connection. Volunteerism moodboard was chosen for Logan's rebranding campaign. 

New Designed Logo

There are two elements that can be used for Logan’s Heart and Smiles Brand Identity. First is the portrait of Logan that can be used with the text or separately. Logan’s type font is Berthold Imago with the color of blue (PMS 2945U). Heart & Smiles is created in Palatino. The Heart-Smiles is the color of brown (PMS 4975C) The & symbol is placed between the G and A by over lapping a portion of each and has a color of yellow (PMS 7401C) with the opacity at 100%. 


Campaign Project Book

​​Campaign Objective: was to re-brand Logan’s Heart and Smiles in order to promote and expand Logan’s Heart and Smiles services through donations, volunteers, and raising awareness that the organization is here to help special needs families.

Campaign Video


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