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2002 Logan's Heart & Smiles Branding Campaign

Logo Design

​​Worked with the founder to design a logo that incorporated a wheelchair ramp. The goal was to combind a graphic of a wheelchair ramp with the logotext. "The Logan James Herr Foundation" was also a requirement for this logo. The color choice was per the request of the founder.

Foundation Brochure

​​The brochure was created to be simple, easy to print on a standard copier, and folded to a size so it would be easy to put into a standard #10 envelop. The founder also wanted to make sure the children and young adults where highlighted and that it also showed photos of projects for families and donors to see what Logan's is all about. 


​​Created a website so that Logan's would attract donations, provided information to families in need of its services, attract volunteers, and promote the annualgolf outing. 


The website has since been redesigned by another non-profit in 2011.

Stationery Packet

​​A stationery packet was created to help establish the legitimacy of the brand.

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