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Computer Based Training

Transportation Specific Training

Each sampled artwork was used in Authorware to provide computer based training to pilots. Each instrument was researched and a SME was on hand to make sure each componant was correctly used for any type of inflight or ground use situation. 

Web Based Training

Level 1, 2, & 3 Manufacturing Product Training

Converted all the paper based courses into a web base Level 1 and 2 courses. These where created in an web based HTML 
interactive program provided by Technomedia out of New Jersey. Worked with two company Instructional Designers to create each course segment. This web based training was able to keep a database of the progress of who took the courses and their progress. Not only did I create these course I was also the Administrator for them as well. 

Software Specific Training

These are screen captured training courses also used interaction with the student within the Streaming software. Each course was a AVI and WAV file that used Premiere, Sound Forge, Illustrator, and the companies own Streamline Software. Highlights where overlayed to show the student where each area was when pointed out in the course. These courses where uploaded onto the companies Internet course catalog. After some extensive research I found that is no longer in business. .

How to Interview Training for Human Resources (Animated)

Animated training segments and tests where created for HR personnel to view on the do's and don'ts on how to interview a protential employee. 

Paper Based Training

Level 1 & 2 Training

Paper Based Trianing books of Level 1 & 2. Each was created to be sent to all employees and distributors. After these where created each training book was converted to a Web Based Training course. 

Amoco Game

This “Linx” board game was played by Amoco Executives around the world. Created the custom Linx logo, game board, game cards, custom game box,10 posters and instructor materials.



40 Hour Training Moduals

​​This 40 hour course was designed to train US West’s top management by giving them participant and instructional course material training books, custom calendar, custom journal book, a custom designed courseware materials box, and etc.

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